microHAM REMOTE Control Suite


We are proud to introduce preview of future REMOTE Control Suite, products for complete control of your hamshack.

The Suite consists of two hardware devices, REMOTE SERVER located at the remotely controlled hamshack and REMOTE PAD (client interface), at operator place anywhere in the world, connected together using Internet network. Both devices are self contained and neither needs a computer to work.

REMOTE SERVER, brain of your remote connection, connects not only transceiver, but all your station accessories without additional external boxes. Power amplifiers, rotators, antenna controllers, tunable antennas (UltraBeam, SteppIR), all your microHAM boxes, simply all your current equipment that can be controlled over USB or RS232 or LAN, can connect to REMOTE SERVER. If the built-in 4x USB and 2x RS232 ports are not sufficient for your setup, simply add USB HUBs and USB-RS232 adapters as needed.

Hardware setup is extremely simplified and does not require any significant change in your current setup. Simply move the USB and RS232 cables from the hamshack's computer to the REMOTE SERVER box, and then connect REMOTE SERVER box to the computer through USB and TCP/IP.

Turning hamshack from local to remote operation is then as easy as flipping a switch on REMOTE SERVER's front panel. Another flip, and the whole hamshack is back, ready for local operation, having REMOTE SERVER automatically and transparently moving data between all connected devices and your hamshack’s computer.

REMOTE PAD is your operating hardware interface, providing maximally ergonomic, almost real-feel radio operation experience. It features programmable knobs with dynamically changing labels, buttons and LEDs automatically adjusting to a required usage pattern and a 5" touch-sensitive LCD display. REMOTE PAD controls all devices connected to REMOTE SERVER, not only the transceiver.


REMOTE PAD is equipped with its own battery pack and WiFi connection and can completely control your hamshack without computer, even from a public park or hotel. It also has a modern USB-C port for optional computer connection. On connected computer it creates a dozen of virtual serial ports and several virtual sound cards, enabling seamless integration of your PAD-based remote control with your favorite logger, without any drivers installation. It doesn't matter which computer platform you own or prefer, it will be working equally well with Windows, macOS or Linux.

If you are demanding user asking for the best remote control solution, please stay tuned.

Anticipated release date: summer 2018