USB: USB 2.0 Full speed, isolated
FTDI USB – serial

UAC1 asynchronous downstream, max. 24-bit/48kHz

asynchronous/synchronous upstream, max. 24-bit/96kHz


Power consumption: USB – less than 10mA

Power supply – max. 450mA @ 13.8VDC (max.16VDC)

Radio Port: RxD, TxD – max. 57600 Baud, RTS/CTS handshake supported

Levels: FIF-232, IF-232, CI-V, RS-232

Aux Port: TTL – RxD, TxD, no handshake – max. 19200 Baud

CI-V Port: open collector bus – max. 19200 Baud

CW: open collector, max 30V/400mA

FSK: open collector, max 30V/400mA

5/6/7 bit data, 1/1.5/2 stop bits, up to 300 Baud

PTT1: open collector, max 30V/400mA

PTT2: open collector, max 30V/400mA

PA PTT: optoMOS, max. 300VAC/VDC @ 0.1A

LNA PTT: optoMOS, max. 300VAC/VDC @ 0.1A

Foot Switch: active when closed to ground, max load: 1 mA at 5V

PTT IN: active when closed to ground, max load: 1 mA at 5V

Monitor: Mono, 1 Watt @ 4 Ohm speaker

Audio Line Output: 600 Ohm, max. 1.5Vp-p

AC coupled

Audio Mic Output: 600 Ohm, max. 370mVp-p

AC coupled

Audio Line In: 10K Ohm, max 5Vp-p

dual channel (Stereo)

Dynamic Range: min. 105dBA, typ. 110dBA

THD: 0.0009%

IMD+Noise: 0.004%
AC coupled


Dimensions: W 232mm (9.125") x H 44mm (1.73") x D 105mm (4.125")

Weight: 1.3 kg (1.875 lbs.)