USB Interface III

A low cost, high performance USB interface that provides high quality build-in sound card for digital modes, with optically isolated transceiver CAT control, CW and PTT.

This USB Interface provides a solution to the lack of available Serial (COM) ports on laptop and newer desktop computers for controlling your radio.
The USB interface III includes full optical isolation of all control signals (radio control, CW,  PTT and Squelch) and built-in USB sound card with front panel level controls for transmit via your transceiver's Accessory audio input and the constant level (pre-volume control) audio output.

microHAM USB Interfaces have built-in hardware support for your radio - you no longer need additional level converters like CT-62, IF-232, FIF-232, CT-17.   USB Interface III includes support for CW keying (DTR) and PTT (RTS) as well as a detector/driver for pseudo-FSK and QSK CW on the soundcard's right audio channel for use with FLDIGI on any platform. USB Interface III uses same cable as DXP, USB Interface II or DIGI KEYER II.

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USB Interface III

    Delivery time:1-2 Days
Package contains:
USB Interface III™, CD ROM with drivers, control software and manual and USB A-B cable, and one optional radio cable (specify your radio).