Station Master DeLuxe Block Diagram



  • Programmable Antenna, BPF, Rotator and PA controller
  • Twenty (20) programmable relay outputs for local use
  • Integrated level converter for transceiver CAT control port
  • Decodes all frequencies of connected transceiver, including 75m, 6m, VHF and UHF
  • Unlimited number of custom defined frequency segments “bands”
  • Single USB connection to computer
  • Stand alone operation
  • Internal Rotator control
  • Virtual Rotators function
  • Separate RX/RX2/TX antenna selection support
  • Automatic Antenna Scan function
  • Unlimited number of custom defined sequencer outputs
  • Automatic power amplifier support
  • Fully compatible and simple integration with microHAM “keyers” (microKEYER, DigiKeyer, CW Keyer, microKEYER II, and MK2R). Advanced integration with  microKEYER II and MK2R(+).
  • Proprietary SteppIR and UltraBeam support for selective automatic tuning and protection
  • Hot Switch protection with user defined timing
  • TX Inhibit support for Yaesu, Ten-Tec and Elecraft K3 transceivers
  • Receive only antenna support
  • Optical isolation from computer
  • PS/2 keyboard or keypad with dual control of Station Master Deluxe and microHAM “keyer”
  • Integrated chokes and filters for maximum RFI resistance
  • Metal/Aluminum case, powder coated and silk screened
  • Free, no time limit firmware/software upgrades via Internet

Radio control:

  • Integrated level converter for CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232, or RS-232
  • Up to 57600 Baud with fake handshake support
  • Supports most Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu and other radios
  • iLINK connectivity to microKEYER II and MK2R(+)

Control Port A:

  • Ten (10) programmable relay outputs
  • Configurable  common ground, 13.8V positive, external power, max. + 24V
  • Programmable break-before-make delay
  • Compatible with all remote antenna switches using common ground or positive control

Control Port B:

  • Six (6) programmable relay outputs
  • Configurable common ground, 13.8V positive, external power max. + 24V
  • Compatible with all automatic BPF on the market
  • Four (4) programmable relay outputs with both poles of relay contact available

Internal Rotator Controller:

  • Three (3) programmable relay outputs
  • Both poles of relay contact available
  • Configurable support for BRAKE or SPEED control
  • Support for multi-turn rotators
  • Support for rotators with analog (pot) or discrete (pulse) azimuth read back
  • Programmable software limit switches
  • Dead zone definition
  • Target finding strategy selection for optimal handling
  • Support for “slipping” rotators
  • Four memories for most wanted azimuths
  • Automatic azimuth control from logger

Virtual Rotator Control:

  • Unlimited number of antennas can be joined to Virtual Rotator
  • Programmable azimuth ranges for each Virtual Rotator antenna
  • Automatic azimuth control from logger
  • Unlimited number of Virtual Rotators per Band

Power Amplifier Control:

  • Automatic tuning for CI-V controlled automatic linear amplifiers (Icom PW1, Expert SPE, OM-Power, Tokyo-HP)
  • Automatic band switching for BCD controlled amplifiers (Yaesu VL-1000, FL-7000)
  • Support for QSK Power Amplifiers
  • Support for “shared” Power Amplifiers

uLINK Features:

  • Allows control of all station devices (antennas, rotators, amplifiers) by multiple operating positions (each position has one SMD)
  • Virtually unlimited number of configurable relay outputs using uLINK RELAY modules
  • Virtually unlimited number of rotators using uLINK ROTATOR or uLINK DATA modules
  • Virtually unlimited number of serial port control devices using uLINK DATA modules
  • Support for stacked antennas including complex topologies (e.g., stacked stacks)
  • Intelligent rotator control including linked/slave rotators like rotator on rotary tower
  • Configurable system of protections and lockouts which allow sharing among multiple stations without collisions and damage
  • Special handling of "shared" devices – e.g., muti-band antennas, shared amplifiers, SteppIR and UltraBeam antennas