• all stack combinations on push buttons
  • support for 2, 3 or 4 antennas, configurable from computer

special configurable stack functions :
T/R - separate stack combination for transmit and receive.

In practice, it happens quite often  that you need to have a different combination of the stack for receiving and transmitting, e.g. when opening and closing bands, when transmitting to various directions etc. All this happens fully automatically (based on PTT signal) and the switching is protected against hot switch.

BOP - both out of phase option for your stack

Sometimes it is good to degrade the properties of the stack and worsen the decreased vertical angle of antennas obtained by stacking. This can be achieved by connecting  the antennas out of phase, and enables to make a QSO to short distance with low take-off angle by stacked antennas.

AUX - one antenna out from stack

This option enables to exclude any antenna from the stack and connect it into a separate feed. This function is very useful when stacking multi banders, when one of the antennas of the stack can be used for an another radio for SO2R operation. When stacking mono banders, using this function you can drive an antenna to a different direction from an independent PA.


   • 3 modes of buttons behavior
   • remote controllable and configurable from computer
   • programmable, relays separated 8 source or sink outputs
   • configurable with " microHAM Device Configurator™ " computer software
   • steel and aluminum case for best EMI suppression
   • all I/O lines are filtered with an inductor choke filter
   • outputs protected against overload and short
   • PTT input protected against overvoltage
micro STACK MAX™ is fully software configurable and provides a choice of functions and modes of operation. We believe that some of them will suit your needs the best. All configured parameters of the micro STACK MAX (number of antennas, BOP, buttons behavior etc.) are stored into a non-volatile memory, so they remain stored in the micro STACK MAX until you change them.
Take a look on screen shots of microHAM Device Configurator, or download it for free and try all the features of micro STACK MAX.

Main window
Antennas and BOP configuration
Hot Switch Protection
Buttons mode configurations
Offline memory configurations
LCD INFO Panel configurations