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We are proud to provide the highest quality accessories for your ham shack, world unique Vector Power Meter, various USB Interfaces, Antenna and Rotator controllers, several types of Antenna Switches, Antenna Stacking devices, and specialized devices for contesting and SO2R. 

73  microHAM team
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Latest news:

- Router 9.2.1
  - MK/CK/DK 5.4, MK2 6.17, DK2 3.10, MK3 2.4, MK2R/MK2R+ 7.15, U2R 3.5, SM 2.37, SMD 1.33
  - Kenwood TS-890 support

- Replacing EMS Post by TNT carrier, providing lower prices and better tracking. 
   For new orders over 300EUR incl. VAT we offer free shipping to most EU countries.


- Router 9.2.0
  - MK/CK/DK 5.4, MK2 6.16, DK2 3.9, MK3 2.3, MK2R/MK2R+ 7.14, U2R 3.5, SM 2.36, SMD 1.31
     uLINK modules: DATA 1.24, REL 1.19, ROTA 1.11
  - MKIII - updated manual for macOS and Linux settings
  - MKIII - now supported by RumLogNG on macOS (TNX Tom, DL2RUM)
  - MKIII - now supported by mhuxd Router on Linux (TNX Matthias, DJ5QV)
  - MKIII - now supported by uHAM Router on macOS (TNX Chen, W7AY and Sam, OM2ADX approval/code)
  - MKIII - fixed label EXT/MAIN MIC shown on the display
  - MKIII - fixed problem with SPDIF-Tx (TNX Wolfgang, OE1MWW)
  - MKIII - added, both SPDIF-Tx and SPDIF-Rx levels can be controlled
  - MKIII - added, RXM/RXS control toggling in main screen
  - SMD - SUB RX selection switching optimalization
  - SMD - bug fixed on "detach" protection in CW mode
  - Updated CAT decoding for Elecraft K3/K3S (commands AR,TM, SW)
  - bug fixed: TX volume slider on MK2R DVK page didn't work correctly

Windows 10 April update disables audio input on all sound devices. They need to be manually enabled at PC Settings | Privacy | Microphone = ON.


The culmination of microHAM's expertise in all-in-one USB interfaces. 

Get radio control, 24-bit dual-channel USB sound card, jitter free hardware FSK, digital voice keyer, genuine WinKey3 CW keyer, true all mode operation, unparalleled auxiliary control, and all the advanced features you would expect in a world class interface from the experts at microHAM
Works with any current Windows contest and day to day logger as well as and most digital mode applications. 


The most powerful and accurate, in-line RF Vector Signal Meter to date with accuracy rivaling  professional instruments. Has tons of extra features, and very high level of user customization to fit every hamshack,
every operator's needs.

SMΩRF is RF Vector Power Meter for measuring all kinds of Power,
SWR, Impedance, Phase, IMD products and Transmission Lines
with built-in audio signal generator and Oscilloscope.


"Network" controller for controlling large stations using multiple 
Antenna Switches, Stacks, Rotators, SteppIRs/UltraBeams,
Automatic Amplifiers,
and other devices.

Station Master DeLuxe™
 is big brother of regular Station Master™ and has all its capabilities but provides more ergonomic user interface with large 240x64 LCD, a lot of buttons and stacked antenna support. Station Master DeLuxe is designed for large single radio stations with multiple rotators and stacks, advanced SO2R stations requiring full control and ergonomic setup, and all multi station setups.

DIGI KEYER II™ is a powerful All-In-One USB interface for amateur radio digital mode operation including RTTY, PSK31, MFSK, Olivia, WSJT, etc. and CW.  DK II combines the proven performance of the original DigiKeyer, the enhanced control and interfacing capability of microKEYER II, K1EL WinKey CW keyer and microHAM's unique
support for fldigi p-FSK/q-CW and cocoaModem's OOK modes.

The two-radio controller for contest and everyday use.
micro2R is designed for any amateur with two transceivers and any control interface.  It is feature rich but easy to install and operate, provides automatic or manual control of headphone audio and transmitter selection, and is compatible with the automatic modes of all of the most popular contest logging programs.

Unique and most advanced "combo" controller for Antenna switching, 
SteppIR control, Rotator control and Automatic Power Amplifier support available today. 

Get radio control, antenna switch control, band pass filters switching, selective SteppIR tuning and high power damage protection during tuning, computer controlled rotator interface with memories and offset processing, in advance tuning for automatic power amplifiers, properly sequenced bypass for receiving antennas with preamplifier during transmitting and many additional features that you are just dreaming about. Works with any current Windows contest and day to day loggers. 

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